Swimming Pools in the Movies


Whether Let the Right One In terrified you or Fast Times at Ridgemont High made you want to shield someone's eyes, swimming pools in movies stick with you. So, we at California Pools picked the Top 10 of our favorite swimming pool scenes in film. For starters, The Graduate features the wonderful metaphor with Ben Braddock's (Dustin Hoffman) observation, "I would say that I'm just drifting...here in the pool...it's very comfortable to drift here."

Take a look at our 9 other hand-picked swimming pool scenes and reminisce some of your favorite movies that feature a classic shimmering swimming pool! While some of them carry strong metaphors, just like The Graduate, others simply are great to look at. Let us know if a terrific swimming pool scene of your favorites is missing from our list!

Next, is The Guardian, a great showcase of heroism in rescuing swimmers. Their swimming pool gets far more significant use than even the one in your own custom backyard living space!

Lady in the Water | Although this may not be M. Night Shyamalan's brightest star, it has an intriguing plot that almost entirely revolves around this property's swimming pool.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High | probably one of the most famous / iconic swimming pool scenes...pretty racey / scandalous for its time.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off | Another classic film from the 1980's, and the final scene in the swimming pool reminds every viewer how they easily we can fall in love with fictional characters.

The Great Gatsby | The swimming pool featured in this film's extravagant party scene(s) is one that so excellent exhibits what we love to fantasize about The Great Gatsby story and the era it is inspired by.  Allowing the cast to showcase the wealth and posh lifestyle of Jay Gatsby is going to be hard to surpass in coming years of film-making, and it's a swimming pool we'd all like to dream of having in our backyards.

If you didn't see your favorite swimming pool scene from a film in this list, let us know!  You can also recreate some of your favorite swimming pool scenes in your own custom outdoor living area.  If you do, post photos or video and tag California Pools!

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