Swimming Pools Can Put Out Fires

While we take precautions to try to counter the severe drought in California, summer heat and brush fire season are only growing closer.  We mentioned in our last couple posts how pool covers can help conserve water and that swimming pools in fact save rather than waste water.  Now, we're here to share another way your swimming pool could be useful to both you and your neighborhood.

Swimming Pool Contractor
Swimming Pool Contractor

In residential areas where hydrants are hard to come by, a swimming pool or spa can help fight fires in neighborhoods.  Multiple news stations have reported the usefulness of nearby swimming pools to prevent excessive fire and smoke damage on homes.  Thus, not only does a swimming pool and spa help conserve water during this drought, but they also help fight drought consequences.

For more information on the California drought and how you can help conserve water, explore our website, the Let's Pool Together campaign, and the Save Our Water campaign.  California Pools is working alongside the California Pool & Spa Association to share the facts about the drought and the swimming pool industry.

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