Swimming Pools Bring Communities Together

NBC Nightly News - 94 year old man - swimming pool

When a heartwarming swimming pool story is being shared on the news, you better believe that California Pools is going to take notice. This is a touching story of how much a swimming pool can contribute to the quality of your life.  It will tug at your heart and remind you what is important in life.  At the same time, it will make you want to jump in a refreshing swimming pool and enjoy some fun. Watch this NBC Nightly News story, you will be so glad you did!

94-year-old Keith Davison lost his wife Evy, of 66 years, to cancer. Keith was devastated. The love of his life was no longer around every day to share his life with.  He was lost without his best friend, and he often would cry.  He was sad and lonely and did not enjoy the silence that surrounded his home in Morris, Minnesota. It was far too quiet and he did not have anyone to talk to. Keith wanted to smile again. He wanted to hear laughter. He wanted to have a purpose.

Keith decided to take action! He decided to give something to his community that they did not have. So, he had a swimming pool built in his backyard so that families in the neighborhood could enjoy it.  Keith said, “I knew they would come!” referring to the neighbors and their kids if he built it. Not only was it fun for his community, it was fun for Keith! He brought back feelings of happiness to his home with the construction of a backyard swimming pool.

The sound of children splashing and playing in his pool let Keith know that his home and life had purpose again. It had love and laughter in it after a long quiet year without his beloved wife. He now listens to kids giggling and laughing out loud as they spend their day playing and jumping in his pool. He enjoys many happy days sitting poolside with his new friends and neighbors as they all share in the fun of his swimming pool. He receives sweet “Thank You” hugs from the children and even a nice warm dinner from the parents. But that is not why Keith Davison built his pool.  He simply built it for the joy that a swimming pool can bring, without expecting anything in return.  Not only does a pool provide an entertaining backyard for family and friends, but also it can be the perfect way to bring happiness and healing to your soul. 

In this story, a swimming pool was the perfect bridge to helping heal Keith Davison’s broken heart.  Although he will always be missing his late wife Evy, he has found a healthy and happy way to spend his days.  He built new friendships with neighbors and provided a fun outdoor living space for them to enjoy. We hope that families all over the world can benefit from having or using a backyard swimming pool, just like Keith. Swimming Pools truly are one of life’s simple treasures! Bringing joy into the home is priceless.

California Pools has over 70,000 happy customers feeling that same joy! Having been in business since 1952, we strive to give each and every customer a beautiful custom backyard swimming pool.  Swimming Pools provide families the opportunity to gather and share incredible moments, just like Keith Davison has been having.  Making lifelong memories in one magical backyard oasis is the best part of living. The important things in life are the memories we make. We truly enjoyed this heartwarming story of Keith and his newfound happiness with building a swimming pool and providing a backyard for his neighbors to enjoy!

We love to hear the great stories that swimming pools bring to our customers as well as others all over the world. Please reach out to us and share your heartwarming stories or fabulous moments you have with your swimming pool. Or, if you don’t have a pool but are ready to build a beautiful backyard of your own, call us now! Let Keith Davison inspire you to create the ultimate space for laughter, joy and wonderful moments in life!  


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