Swimming Pool Water Features

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It’s hard to believe that the first day of Spring is just two weeks away. Many people are starting to think about the upcoming long hot days and warm nights, grilling in their outdoor kitchen for family and friends, planning their summer fun and designing and constructing their swimming pools with California Pools.  Barbecues and birthday parties are definitely more fun when you can jump into a gorgeous and refreshing swimming pool! But let’s face it, not all swimming pools are the same.  What makes some more fun than others? Well, that’s simple. Water Features!

There are many different kinds of water features that we like to add to swimming pools, here at California Pools.  Who doesn’t like to see water splashing and listen to the sounds of fountains in your backyard? The sound of water can make you feel very tranquil, peaceful, and yet also it can be uplifting and fun! We have yet to see a child not mesmerized by water bubblers in the beach entrance of a swimming pool or even an adult who doesn’t like to stand under the grotto or feel a water pot pouring water down the back of their neck. 

Let’s take a look at some gorgeous water feature ideas from our nationwide team building classy, exciting, and top-notch swimming pools. 

In Austin Texas, our team used laminar jets and bubblers to accessorize this swimming pool!

Our Corona office used these awesome water pots to create some drama poolside!

Knoxville, TN Swimming Pool Company

This spa in Las Vegas is definitely a show stopper!

Knoxville, TN Swimming Pool Contractor

Our Thousand Oaks team built this cascading stone spa with a sheer descent wall as well!

Knoxville, TN Swimming Pool Repair

And our team in Dallas built these industrial water features for a modern and clean look!

Knoxville, TN Custom Swimming Pool Company

As you can see, California Pools builds swimming pools and spas to accommodate the vast diversity of interests for our customers.  We work with you to build your dream backyard and accessorizing your pool with water features is a fun design element in your construction process.  Water features are a wonderful way to personalize your home, your style and your personal oasis. 

If you have yet to begin getting your pool construction bids, look no further! California Pools has a long history of over 66 years building amazing pools for homeowners just like you! So give us a call and lets begin building your personal backyard wonderland!


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