Swimming Pool Covers Can Save Lives

Swimming pool covers

Nothing takes the place of adult supervision, but swimming pool covers can save lives. It’s important to start with creating a plan that incorporates a swimming pool cover that meets all safety certifications and one that is code compliant. Automatic pool covers are a great option for safety conscious families, creating an isolation barrier, which unlike other barriers such as safety fences, actually isolates the pool water from the pool deck and surroundings. This automatic cover first and foremost removes water temptation, whereby children intrigued by the water attempt to enter the pool.

Certified automatic swimming pool covers are covered on 4 sides of the pool, creating a seal that prevents access to the water. Barriers allows parents extra time to visually locate their child before making contact with water. Some deluxe pool covers are even certified to hold the weight of several adults, creating an incredible level of security. A well made automatic pool cover can also close in seconds, cutting down on accidents before they happen.

A side benefit of installing an automatic pool cover or pool barrier - even just a basic one or a specialty net, is increased savings when it comes to energy and cleaning costs. So its a win-win situation. You’re family stays safe and you save money over the long run.

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