Small Yards and Swimming Pools

Knoxville, TN Custom Swimming Pool Company

Do you dream of a beautiful sanctuary in your backyard? Do you wish you could walk out your patio doors and see a tropical blue swimming pool with a warm jetted spa? How about your kids playing for endless hours in the refreshing swimming pool? With hardscaping and landscaping designed and built to create a warmth, a beauty, and a relaxing garden like setting all in the comforts of your backyard, this is pretty much the American dream!  What many people don’t realize is how easy it is to make these dreams come true! Whether your yard is quite large or on the smaller size, we at California Pools can capitalize on your space to make the biggest dreams come true even in the smallest of spaces.  

Many homes these days do not have large lots and backyards, so we are extremely used to building in small spaces.  We have built gorgeous swimming pools with spas, waterslides, fire-pots, waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, BBQ’s and many other fun features of a pool and spa and outdoor living space in even the smallest of spaces. We have had many customers call us out for the initial appointment only to tell us, “We know a pool can’t fit in our yard, but we still wanted you to come out and make sure.”  To their delight, "Yes! California Pools can build a custom swimming pool to accommodate the size of your yard and the design of your dreams”. 

There are plenty of options for building your outdoor entertaining space in a small sized backyard.  To begin with, we would keep the size of the pool on the smaller side to accommodate the size and layout of your yard.  You could add in a small spa to the pool or even build a spool instead.  What’s a spool, you might ask! It’s a larger size spa, built big enough to swim around in like a very small swimming pool.  A small patio yard is perfect for spools as they enable a homeowner to enjoy it like a spa and warm up on a cold day or keep the heater off and play a little to cool off like a swimming pool.  There are many options and when you meet with a California Pools representative, we will discuss the options available to you.  

When your backyard is small, you can still build big plans! We have built small pools with many of the added and fun features that attract a homeowner to the idea of building a backyard oasis.  Yes, you can build a pool, a spa, and even an outdoor kitchen or fire-pit! We have included several pictures below which show some fine examples of small California Pools swimming pools which all were designed, built and catered to specific dimensions and creative design ideas. Go ahead and give California Pools a call! Let’s start building your backyard paradise so you’ll be swimming by summer!