Should I Get An Inground Pool Or An Above-ground Pool?

Inground pool vs above ground pool

The weather is warming up and it’s got you thinking about how rad your patio would look with a pool. But which kind of pool is right for you? The first consideration is of course budget but there may be other considerations as well, including the climate you’re living in, as well as the amount of time you have to get your pool up and running.

An above-ground pool can be a fast and easy option if you are on a tight budget and need to have your pool up in a hurry. Above-ground pools can take no more than a few days to install depending on the kit that you order and skills of the team of installers. Some high end
above-ground pools may even include some limited decking or railing options. But let’s face it, if time and money were the only consideration, there are all kinds of ideas.

An above-ground pool is really considered a temporary addition to the backyard and even though a great amount of time and detail may go into incorporating the landscape, deck and living space, when you go to sell you may find that it detracts from the overall value of your home. While an above-ground pool has all the same water evaporation and maintenance issues of an inground pool, it typically can only be a uniform 48 to 52 inches in depth preventing safe diving.

Therefore, the benefits of an inground pool are substantial to homeowners. Inground pools are permanently installed and add to the value of your home, providing options for enhancing landscaping and even creating a drought resistant habitat in dryer climates. The design options for inground pools are substantial, as well as the materials available for building them including concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. California Pools specializes in creating one of a kind pools as well as deck and patio designs. Inground pools save money on family vacations and entertaining and allow you to create a safe environment for your family.

Maybe you still need time to think through the right option for your needs, which is why we have created the Pool Buyer’s Guide. It’s a comprehensive video library for the buyer who wants to learn more, but maybe isn’t quite ready to set up a consultation appointment. Get your free access pass here.