October: The Best Month to Build a Swimming Pool

When considering a large construction or renovation project on your home, it's easy to feel like it's never the right time to start.  Especially when you have kids, time is a fine and precious thing - usually the one thing you never have enough of.  But when it comes to swimming pools, California Pools wants to offer their recommendation of October for a great month to build a swimming pool and/or spa in your backyard living area!

Many factors make the mid-fall season a great time for outdoor construction, particularly in Southern California.  Although, we may have very little rain during the year as a whole, California has most of its rainy months during the winter (i.e., December & January).  Since rain often causes delays in construction (i.e., excavation & plaster), October is the perfect month to start your swimming pool project just before the rain hits.

Also since California usually has sunny, warm weather all year round, swimming pool contractors really enjoy having business year-round.  That being said, many homeowners still resort to the spring months to install swimming pools and spas - getting their outdoor living space ready for summer!  Starting a project in the fall allows your chosen swimming pool contractor to put focus and time on you, your family, and your project he otherwise might not be able to.

Overall, with weather conditions, and non-overworked contractors on your side, this month is a terrific time to start your next swimming pool project!  Whether it's a remodel, accessory installation, landscaping, or new swimming pool / spa construction, California Pools can turn your backyard dream into a reality!  You can reach us at (800) 282-7665, or contact us anytime online to schedule a free in-home consultation with a California Pools representative near you!