North California Couple Survives Wild Fires in a Swimming Pool

North California Wild Fire

We have certainly seen our fair share of natural disasters lately.  We are still getting over the devastation from the hurricanes that struck in Texas and Florida and now California has been hit with one of the worst wild fires in history.  The fires in California right now are devastating.  Approximately 6,000 homes have been destroyed so far and hundreds have been evacuated, while 38 people have lost their lives and many are still missing.  This is such a tragedy and our heartfelt thoughts, prayers and concerns are sent to all of the families suffering from this horrific fire. 

We, at California Pools, have been following the many stories that are unfolding with this event.  One story in particular caught our attention in Santa Rosa, California.  John and Jan Pascoe were in their home in the hills above Santa Rosa as the fire quickly began to spread. They found themselves trapped in their home before they could escape from the heat and the flames that fiercely began to take over their neighborhood.  The winds picked up at high speed and John and Jan had nowhere to go.  The fire was encompassing their home and neighborhood and there was no safe exit to leave the area.  That is when survival mode kicked in and they remembered about their neighbor’s swimming pool.  They managed to get next door and prepared themselves to wait it out in the pool.  As the neighbor’s home caught on fire, and the trees lit up as well, they knew it was time to get into the chilly swimming pool.  John and Jan stayed as warm as they could with body heat while huddled together and often ducked under water to avoid the heat, flames and embers burning in the dark smoky night.  The Pascoes spent approximately 6 long hours surviving the fire in a cold swimming pool filled with soot and debris, worrying they would not survive.  Miraculously, however, they did survive.  Especially thankful to hear the good news was their two adult daughters Mia and Zoe.  Although John and Jan lost their home, all of their collectables and cherished possessions, they did not loose their hope.  They clung to each other in hopes of making it through this excruciating event.  When the fires died down by morning light, they were able to get out of the pool and go for help.  John and Jan certainly were thankful to have each other, their families and a life ahead of them as they re-build their lives after this devastating fire. 

Looking back on this story, we are so thankful that both John and his wife Jan survived their frightening night by staying in the cold and murky waters of a swimming pool while a wild fire roared around them.  Although survival is not the typical reason we cherish a pool, right now, it certainly is.  As events in life are always unfolding and are never quite predictable, we sure do enjoy when something tragic can have a happy ending. 

To help those affected by the wild fires you can donate to the Napa Valley Community Foundation.

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