Need a Recommendation for a Swimming Pool Contractor? Yelp vs Nextdoor

Yelp vs Nextdoor

Some of you may remember the days before the internet when we had to talk to others when we needed something.  If we needed to find a phone number, we would turn to our phone that was mounted on the kitchen wall and we dialed 411.

Do you remember what we did when we needed to be referred to someone for a service that we needed?  Yes, we asked our friends, neighbors and co-workers.  If we needed a plumber, roofer, babysitter or a swimming pool contractor we would go to the “Yellow Pages” or we would ask around.

With technology and the internet, we no longer ask around for a good mechanic or custom pool builder.  For a long while there we would Google something and blindly choose whatever business was on the first or second page of the search results.  We came to find out that we wanted to know if these businesses had a good reputation and then came Yelp.  In the beginning Yelp seemed like a great thing.  Yelp’s reputation with business and people that review businesses has now soured.  Anyone can anonymously review a business and leave a false review and Yelp suppresses reviews for no reason and this has led to mistrust and frustration.

A new site called Nextdoor had emerged as being the true way of neighbors helping neighbors.  You can thing on Nextdoor as the Facebook on a very local level.  When you sign up for Nextdoor your world is based on where you live and it will not get bigger or smaller.  You have people nearby interacting with one another.  In this online community, you can ask your neighbors for a dependable babysitter, a trust worthy painter, an awesome auto repair shop or who build their incredible swimming pool so you can get a free estimate on your own project.  The people on Nextdoor are the people that go to your grocery store, their kids go to school with your kids and therefore they are people you can trust.

Getting a swimming pool built in your backyard is a big deal and you should get a referral from a person you can trust.  Nextdoor is free and worth a try.

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