National Safety Month - Swimming Pool Safety



It's finally summer!  Kick off the sunny summer of 2016 with backyard swimming pool party for the entire family to enjoy.  Equip your backyard with barbecue galore, underwater toys, pool and spa contests, and other pieces of outdoor fun!  But even more importantly, June is National Safety Month.  So we thought we would offer swimming pool owners (current or potential) like you a little Backyard Safety Checklist to keep in mind this summer!

  1. Swimming Pool Fence

  2. Backyard Alarms

  3. Pools, Tools, & Step Stools

  4. What to Wear...

Fences installed around swimming pools and spas are a terrific method for preventing accidental drowning.  Make sure you know exactly who is getting into the pool and when - no matter how busy the party is!

Alarms are another great way to ensure constant monitoring of who is inside the house or outside in the backyard.  Make sure your alarms are hooked up and running properly 24/7 while your kids are out of school and eager to hop in!

Before every outdoor get-together - whether it's kids, adults, or a mix - put all garden tools, ladders, etc. out of the way.  This will help prevent a child playing with something dangerous and won't let anything get in the way of the fun.

Supply floatation devices and goggles for anyone who wants to enjoy the swimming pool or spa.  Also, try to enforce wearing gripped shoes around the swimming pool to prevent people from slipping and falling during their fun!



We hope you keep these tips in mind this summer as you enjoy the outdoors.  Visit the National Safety Council's page for more details on National Safety Month.  If you'd like to work with California Pools to create your custom backyard space, call (800) 282-7665 or contact us anytime online to schedule a free in-home consultation with the California Pools office nearest you!