Memorial Day Weekend: Steps To Prep Your Pool!

While purchasing top of the line floats, matching towels and sinking pool rings are top of your list, it’s vital to consider the well being of your pool. Summer brings about an unstoppable enthusiasm for water related frolicking. And with Memorial Day Weekend upon us, pool owners everywhere will be celebrating.

Here at California Pools, we take maintenance and upkeep with earnest consideration. Your pool is an extension of your home and should be both safe and preserved with care. We’ve highlighted valuable techniques in equipping your pool for the summer.

Remove & Store Your Pool Cover

While residents in Irvine, CA are not required to close their pools during the winter months, many still do. If you took the steps to close your pool, carefully remove the pool cover and cleanse it from any debris, dirt or water that may have collected. Inspect it for any damage such as holes or cuts that may have allowed rubble to seep into your pool. Once you’ve detailed your cover, allow it to dry (to prevent mold) and store it in a safe place.

De-Winterize Your Gadgets

Remove any plugs that were placed there to protect your pool during the cooler months. Inspect these areas for any damage that may have occurred throughout the winter. Be sure to replace these protection plugs with summer plugs.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Offer your pool a deep cleaning at this time. This includes the filters, water, the sides and the bottom of the pool. Add water to your pool to bring it back to level and give it time to circulate before cleaning. It’s also important to skim the pool and clean out the baskets at this time.

Add & Check Your Chemicals

At this time, you’re ready to add chemicals specific to your pool. If you’re unsure of what or how much to add, contact us (link to contact page) to receive professional advice. This part is extremely important and vital for the well being of yourself and guests.

Let Your Pool Run for 24-Hours

Let your pool run for 24-hours before utilizing it. After this time, clean out any debris, dirt and rubble and check the PH and Alkalinity levels. Keep retesting until the levels are safe and water is running clear.

Throw A Party!

Congratulations on having a well-maintained pool; invite your friends over and relish in the beauty of summer. If you have any questions on opening your pool, please don’t hesitate to contact our professionals. (Link to contact page)

California Pools Can Help

Contact the crew at California Pools in Irvine, CA for assistance in opening your pool. Our experts will come to your location equipped with the knowledge and tools to successfully prep your pool for summer!