Los Angeles Swimming Pool Builder Saves Water

A news article by Taylor Goldenstein and Matt Stevens, "L.A. may require pool covers to fight drought," was recently released from the LA Times announcing that Los Angeles "residents could be required to cover their swimming pools" soon in order to conserve water (para. 2).  Installing covers for your swimming pool / spa is actually a terrific way to prevent water waste since they reduce evaporation by nearly 90%.  Feel free to check out our post solely on Swimming Pool Covers to learn more!

Thanks to the California Pool & Spa Association's Let's Pool Together campaign, we at California Pools are trying to be proactive and conserve water in other ways as well.  Our Los Angeles office, managed by Kimo Horn, has been taking the 3 following steps to help keep every project water-wise:

1. No Overflow

An "overflow" is placed at a particular level below the rim of your swimming pool or spa and drains water straight to the curb to prevent the pool or spa from overflowing.  While this may help prevent keeping swimmer splashout or any excess water from getting on the decking, this often leads to monstrous water waste.  Without installing this feature, homeowners can not only save money but also save water!

2. No Autofill

Kimo Horn, General Manager of the California Pools Los Angeles location, claims there are multiple cons to an Autofill feature on your swimming pool or spa.  First, this causes a tendency towards overfilling a pool.  Overfilling can lead to further waste with swimmer splashout or overflow.  Second, autofill features often can prevent typical signs of a leaks in your swimming pool or spa, thus further wasting water if there is a leak.

Swimming Pool Repair

3. Extended Edge

For little to no extra cost, Kimo and his team have been implementing extended coping overhangs on the edges of swimming pool and spas they construct.  This is another way to help prevent excessive swimmer splashout and water waste.  Depending on the choice of coping material, a 1 1/2"-2" overhang could be a no-cost addition!

In the LA Times article, Goldenstein and Stevens quote councilman Felipe Fuentes: "We [on City Council] want to conserve, but we don't want to sacrifice quality of life" (para. 5).  In this same sense, California Pools of Los Angeles is taking initiative to conserve with every new project without sacrificing quality of outdoor life for the homeowner!

If you think you would like to work with California Pools and allow us to turn your backyard dream into a reality, contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation!  To learn more about conserving water, feel free to browse our website or call us with any questions at (800) 282-7665.  Let's Pool Together!