Let's Celebrate The Fall 2017 Season

Fall Weather Swimming Pool

There are so many wonderful times of the year to celebrate, but there is always something a little extra special when the fall season arrives. The trees begin to change from different shades of green to a gorgeous variety of reds, yellows and browns. The leaves begin to fall off the trees and the weather begins to cool. We pull out our warm sweaters and colorful scarves and get excited for a hot pumpkin spiced latte warming our hands. We cheer on our teams at a chilly Friday night high school football game with good friends.  The smell of a warm stew brewing all day and an apple pie baking in the oven for our family is extra sweet.  This is why we celebrate fall! This is the start of a fun filled kick off to the holiday seasons.  The fall signifies all of these delightful things, but what they all have in common is celebrating wonderful moments with amazing friends, family and loved ones. 

Fall Season Weather

What does this have to do with California Pools? It’s really very simple.  We build the perfect backyard oasis for you to gather and celebrate these magical fall moments in.  We create a special place in your backyard to sit amongst your friends and family warming up around a cozy fire-pit.  We completely understand the importance of your outdoor kitchen.  Your built in BBQ is crucial when you need an extra turkey cooked for a large gathering.  We get it. Outdoor living has become enormously popular.  Homeowners truly understand the quality of life you get when you have a space at home to gather.  When you can get together in your backyard around a roaring fireplace, it does more than warm your feet and melt your marshmallows.  It warms your heart.  Finding moments to treasure is what makes life count.

Imagine having a home where your kids can invite their friends over on a crispy fall evening. They could warm up in your spa and share stories about pumpkin patches, hayrides and apple picking! They could share stories of weekend soccer games and fall festivities.  The laughter would be welcomed and cherished as televisions and electronics are ignored.  Your kids would make real life memories in the great outdoors of your own backyard.  This is fall. This is why we love doing our job. We enjoy building an extension to your home that creates magical moments and a lifetime of memories for you and your family. So go ahead and grab a few extra haystacks this year and set them out in your backyard. Put out some extra pumpkins and firewood and buy a large container of hot chocolate. Decorate your yard with scarecrows and fall leaves because if you have a California Pools backyard, it is to be used all year long. Fall is here and it is to be cherished. Have fun in your pool. Warm up in your spa. Chat amongst your friends at the fire-pit and enjoy the feasts of the season.  Enjoy your life!

…Wait, what? You don’t have a pool yet? What are you waiting for? Contact us! You do not want to let life pass you by without moments like this!

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