Impending El Nino to Hit California this Fall

The Good News

Numerous sources have confirmed a large El Nino will hit California this fall and winter, bringing grandiose rand and thunderstorm through the fall and winter months.  Experts claim this El Nino may even relieve California of it's severe drought and replenish our water reservoirs.  NASA climate analyst Bill Patzert says himself that this El Nino "looks as promising as anything I've seen in the last...18 years."

The Potentially Worrisome News...

While this could be a great turning point for California's climate, even if only temporarily, there is no guarantee.  The placement of the rain and thunder storms is the key factor in their impact on the drought.  In addition, El Ninos often carry with them intense downpours that cause flooding and mudslides.  

What This Means for You:

It is vital for homeowners to be aware of their environment and any potential dangers your area might face.  So, while you celebrate a little early about our soon-to-be drought relief, it's a good idea to learn about the flooding and mudslide history in your neighborhood so you can prepare yourself an your family.


Please spread the word about our impending El Nino that should "boost California rainfall by an average of 174 percent."  Feel free to continue to browse our website and learn more about California Pools and our story.  For more information on the California drought and what you can do to conserve water before the El Nino hits, check out our website along with the Let's Pool Together and Save Our Water campaigns.  If you think you'd like to work with a California Pools office near you, you can reach us at (800) 282-7665 or online anytime to schedule a free in-home consultation!