Hurricane Damage: What to Look for in Your Swimming Pool

Hurricane Damage.png

The weather has been destructive lately with devastating hurricanes and tropical storms. Lives have been lost. Homes have been destroyed. Families are suffering.  Our prayers are with all of the families affected by these tragedies. As communities come together to help re-build our neighborhoods; the love and support of one another and the generosity of strangers helping strangers humbles us.  It is sometimes in great tragedy, that we are reminded that strangers we actually aren’t, but rather one loving nation truly helping each other.  This beautiful act of kindness should not go un-noticed during this time of tragedy. 

Hurricane Damaged Swimming Pool.png

Although many homes have been completely demolished, others received only minor damage or simply need a big clean up.  We, at California Pools, would like to remind those of you with swimming pools what to do with your hurricane damaged backyard. Once your family is safe and well and your home is back in order, your backyard will most likely need some cleaning up, possibly needing some repairs as well. Your swimming pool may have been damaged and your pool equipment might not be functioning properly. California Pools would like to emphasize the importance of consulting with an industry expert before you begin to work on re-building and repairing your backyard and swimming pool.  There could be damage beyond what is visible and we strongly encourage you to bring in a qualified inspector to check the structure of your swimming pool and the safety of your equipment.  It is crucial to have the Gas Company check the gas line to your pool equipment in order to ensure a safe backyard environment.  Have a sight inspection done and discuss the options available for your backyard prior to commencing any repairs or cleaning. This will ensure your family and backyard swimming pool are safe and swimming in a clean environment.  Nothing is more important than the safety and well being of your family. So, as you begin the process of cleaning up after these destructive weather patterns, please remember to take these necessary steps to ensure a safe and healthy swimming pool. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call California Pools.  We want to help you get your swimming pool cleaned up and running safely and properly once again. We have been helping our communities since 1952 and will continue to be a front-runner in servicing the needs of all swimming pool owners. 

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