How to Winterize Your Swimming Pool in Utah

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Brrrr…did you know that it is already getting quite chilly in some parts of the United States? Leaves are changing colors, summer memories are fading, football games are in full force and hot apple cider is the drink of choice. Here at California Pools most of us can take a dip, swim some laps, and even have a pool party in the winter.  In some of the cooler climate states, it is best to winterize your pool in order to protect it from the harsh weather conditions of a freezing cold winter.

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California Pools is a nationwide swimming pool company, and we build swimming pools in colder climate regions that prefer to close up for winter and hit the slopes. In Utah, the general manager of the Salt Lake City area is Ryan Blocker and the general manager of the Provo area is Brandon Moncur. With the weather averaging in or around the 50’s during the day in Utah at this time of year, we have some tips to share for our customers on how to winterize your swimming pool.  Whether you own a California Pools swimming pool or not, these helpful suggestions are sure to keep your pool in tip top shape during the bitter cold months ahead of us.

•   Perform a final cleaning of your pool.  We recommend adjusting the pH to somewhere between 7.2 and 7.5 through winter.  We also recommend raising the chlorine level to somewhere between 5-10 ppm in order to keep the pool free of algae over the winter months.  Finally, we recommend adding a winter algaecide specifically designed for pools.  Let the winter chemicals circulate for several hours before shutting off the equipment.

•   Backwash sand and DE filters and/or clean filter cartridges.  Store the cartridges somewhere dry such as the garage.

•   Using pressurized air, blow out suction lines, return lines, vacuum lines, and any water feature lines and create an air lock with ball valves plumbed into the equipment or expansion plugs.

•   Disconnect fittings anywhere in the equipment area where pipes run horizontally to allow water to drain, then reinstall. 

•   Drain all equipment.  Remove plugs for the pumps and heater and store in pump basket.  Remove drain plug for filter, allow to drain, and then reinstall to deter mice/rodents from making it their winter home.

•   Install an expansion stand pipe in skimmers to protect the skimmers against freeze breakage.

•   Close the automatic cover if applicable, or install a winter cover.  If a winter cover is used, roll the automatic cover into the cover box to prevent unnecessary exposure to the elements.

•   Turn off all pool related power, and close the gas line running to the pool heater.

•   In situations where pool equipment is below water level, and the equipment is exposed to the elements, it is recommended to install heat tape around equipment pipes in case valves/expansion plugs fail to hold a positive seal.

•   Clear any fallen debris or standing water from the pool cover during the winter.

Taking care of your backyard swimming pool before and during the cold winter season will help assure that you will be swimming as soon as the sun makes its first appearance in the springtime. Should you have any questions on how to winterize your swimming pool, please contact us. We are always happy to be helping pool owners!

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