How to Supersize Your Swimming Pool Summer Fun

Swimming Pool Float

Pool floats are all the rage this summer! Almost every store and website has super fun over-sized pink flamingos, magical rainbow unicorns, and bright yellow ducks for you to enjoy in your backyard swimming pool. You could also float on a giant sized pizza, a jumbo whale, or even a delicious looking sprinkled donut!

Whatever your fancy, your family and friends will love them! They are large enough to float on and relax, and strong enough to pile on with a group of friends! They also create the perfect photo opportunity for all the parents trying to capture just how fun summer is and just how cute their kids are! A backyard pool party is a great way to celebrate summer and splash away in some adorable pool floats from the comfort of your own home!

If you want to buy some of these fun and over sized pool floats, but don’t have your own backyard swimming pool, give California Pools a call at 1-800-282-7665. Experts in swimming pool design and construction since 1952, we can help you achieve a backyard worthy of floating water sharks and pineapples!

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