How to Prepare Your Swimming Pool for Spring When You Live in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Swimming Pool Contractor

Let’s face it, life in Wisconsin is pretty great. Having a pool takes it to the next level, creating resort style living to your own backyard, saving money on the family vacation and bringing the neighborhood together. No more finding a cabin with a pool for the kids or long drives to get to the fun. However, having the only pool on your block may bring questions that are not easily answered just by poking your head over the fence. That’s where California Pools is your expert source for maintenance, advice and guidance.

As a rule of thumb, a good time to open your pool back up is when the temperature is consistently above 70 degrees during the day. Algae breed at warmer temperatures and if you have a mesh winter cover that allows sunlight through, delaying the opening of your pool could result in more work to get your water clean and swim ready. You may lessen expenses by opening your pool up earlier based on consistent weather patterns.

The first step is to drain, clean and remove the pool cover to protect against added debris entering the pool. Sprinkle the pool cover with an alkaline or talcum powder to prevent mold and mildew build up and store it in a cool dry place.

Use your garden hose to fill water up to the normal level, typically around the middle of the skimmer or halfway up the tile. I’m going to assume you did the right thing back in the fall and winterized your pool for freezing conditions, so go ahead and reconnect your pool equipment, remove winter plugs, attach the drain plugs, remove winterized plugs from skimmer and return lines and reconnect the valve fitting that you removed last winter.

Turn your system on! Voila! Listen to the pump and filtration system rumble to life! Metals like copper and iron may have built up, so make sure to add in a metal removing solution and allow the circulation system to run for at least two hours.  Once this has completed, you are ready to test your pools chemistry for pH, total alkalinity and chlorine levels using a test kit. Based on your results adjust your alkalinity, pH balance and calcium hardness, in that order.

Brush and vacuum your pool and run the filtration system overnight to remove any additional bacteria, dirt and algae still visible in the pool. Your kids are watching with an excited eye by this point and it’s probably all they can do not to jump in while you are in the pool shed storing away the pool cover. Shock the pool. I don’t mean just use a shock power, I mean once you are done with the shock powder sit down by the pool with some cheese curds and beer. This is Wisconsin and you have a pool!

The quickest way to get to the final step is to contact California Pools of Green Bay and set up a maintenance appointment. In which case, the you can focus on the cheese curds.

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