Home Remedies for Swimming Eye Redness

If you frequently get redness and irritation in your eyes from swimming, it's probably because of the chemicals in the water of whatever swimming pool / spa you're swimming in.  Even backyard swimming pools maintain various chemicals in the water in order to keep it clean and safe for you and your family to swim in.  But eye redness and irritation are still some unfortunate consequences.

Considering how common this is for many swimmers nationwide, we thought we'd give you 5 Home Remedies that can Eliminate Redness and Irritation of the Eyes.  Give one or more of them a try and let us know what works best!


To get rid of redness and irritation in your eyes, you can try flushing them with cool milk. Wash out any eye dropper you have in the bathroom, fill it with milk, and let a few drops into each eye!

Something you've probably seen often in movies and tv shows is resting cucumber slices on both eyelids. While it may seem just for show, it actually is a good way to soothe the irritation and inflammation underneath the eyelid.

cucumber slices.

wet tea bags.

These next two might be a couple of the strangest remedies we recommend for soothing eye redness and irritation. But, applying wet tea bags to your eyelids is easy to try! Like the cucumber slices, these tea bags should soothe any redness, irritation, or inflammation below the lids.

baking soda + water mix.

You can mix 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/2 cup of water in a cup or bowl. Then dip a cotton ball into the mix enough that it will drip when you squeeze but is not completely soaked. Like an eye dropper, hold the cotton ball over your eye and let a few drops soak on your eyes.  You should feel relief after a few blinks.


You can grate a white potato and use the potato slices just like the cucumber slices as well! After letting them rest on closed eyelids for about five minute, remove the potato and rinse your eyelids. Hopefully, they have soothed any irritation in your eyes from the swimming pool chemicals.

grated potato.

Have you tried one of the above remedies and had great results? We'd love to hear about it!
Do you use a different strange home remedy to relieve eye redness after swimming? Tell us that, too! We're always trying to share great tips with our community of swimming pool -lovers!

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