Glass Tile Swimming Pool Start to Finish


Ever wondered what a swimming pool construction project looked like from beginning to end?

Swimming pool construction is a complex process, so we thought we would show you a taste of how this glass tile swimming pool was installed by the California Pools | Irvine, CA office.  Once your California Pools teams works with you on all the details of design and layout of your new backyard, we have to prep the property for the layout. This process, along with digging out the area for your in-ground swimming pool is called Excavation.


Here's another phase of the construction of every swimming pool California Pools builds. This is when your local swimming pool builder installs the structure of your backyard by placing all necessary steel and rebar. At this stage, it is vital for any contractor to have meticulous attention detail along with an engineering expert handy. And since this particular swimming pool is being built on a 60-foot hill, every aspect of the project was fine-tuned for ideal structure, support, and design.


Finally, we reach the shotcrete stage. For this swimming pool project, it only took the California Pools | Irvine, CA office to shoot this wet concrete mix in a single day! You can start to see the design and the structure together, with steps for the spa and the rim flow for the knife edge of the swimming pool (right).

Take a look at the finished product:

California Pools | Irvine, CA finished off this gorgeous swimming pool project with Tahoe Blue mini pebble, glass tile accents, and Virginia Ledger stone.  All around, it's a great representation of a quality California Pools project.

Thanks for taking this tour of a glass tile swimming pool project from start to finish!

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