Get to Know Your Swimming Pool Contractor

San Antonio Swimming Pool Builder

Who is going to build your swimming pool and spa to create a year-round tropical oasis in your backyard? Who is going to make sure that your rock waterfall has the perfect amount of flow so it makes a lovely sound as it splashes into the pool? Have you decided who is going to make sure that the waterslide has just the right amount of curve to guarantee a smile every time your child goes down it? Have you done your homework and researched who is the perfect company to come into your home and build your backyard wonderland? If you haven’t, you should do so. It is imperative to contract building your pool and spa with a long-standing and reputable company. It’s not everyday you are building a dream-come-true!

As a strong and successful company, we at California Pools, highly encourage you to do a little digging around. (No pun intended…) We have been building gorgeous, innovative and custom swimming pools and spas since 1952! That’s right, California Pools has been designing backyard plans, pulling permits, scheduling sub-contractors, managing each and every stage in the construction process, all while maintaining customer satisfaction since the days when gasoline only cost .20 cents a gallon. We have built over 70,000 pools, making us one of the largest pool builders in the nation.

San Diego Swimming Pool Builder

While we may not build everyone’s swimming pools, we are passionate about the swimming pool industry and want every homeowner to choose a reputable company who can build an amazing piece of paradise for you. So, make sure you do some research on who builds your pool. When the construction in your yard has finished, the last thing you want to think about is anything but cannonballs! You want to enjoy your new outdoor living space and relish in the lifelong memories you are creating with your family and friends.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How do I do choose the right builder?” “What do I look for?” It’s simple.  Log on to your computer and research several different pool companies. For example, begin with  You should look through our website thoroughly. You will see that we are a family-owned and operated business. Check out the photo gallery and see what completed projects look like. They are gorgeous! Do you see a pool of your dreams? I’m sure you do!  Look at our story, our history, and who we are and what we promote. You will learn a lot about us based on our website alone. With California Pools, you will see we have offices Nationwide. We are even on a TV show! Have you watched Pool Kings? It is currently airing every Monday night at 9:00 & 9:30PM EST, or 6:00 & 6:30PM Pacific on the DIY Network! Watch California Pools build some pretty awesome swimming pools each week on Pool Kings! After you finish browsing our website, hop over to another pool companies website. Compare several companies, read what previous customers are saying, and talk to some referrals. Find the one builder you are excited to sign a contract with. Find the one you feel confident that they understand your vision for your backyard. Once you do your due diligence, you will be prepared to choose the swimming pool company you can trust.

Las Vegas Swimming Pool Builder

Swimming Pools are the best investment you can make for you family. They provide a wonderful environment for super fun days filled with beach balls, pool floats, dive toys and water games! They allow you to entertain with loved ones as you swim, soak in the spa, BBQ in the outdoor kitchen, or roast marshmallows at the fire-pit. Outdoor living is the best way to spend your days. Cherish life’s moments with a swimming pool and spa.  And don’t forget, do your homework! Shop around and find the most reputable builder you can trust. Should you need any help, or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call California Pools! We are here for you building a supportive pool industry even if we don’t build your pool. We want you to love your new backyard! 


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