Get the Facts About Draining and Refilling Your Swimming Pool

Traditionally, in order to keep a well-maintained swimming pool and spa, homeowners are recommended to drain and refill the structures every 3-5 years.  This has typically been necessary because of chemical build-up in the water, which makes it less healthy to swim in.  

Swimming Pool Builder Conserves Water


Unfortunately, though, draining and refilling a swimming pool and/or spa is a quick way to waste thousands of gallons of water throughout your swimming pool's lifetime.  As California heads into its 4th year of severe drought, hard restrictions against draining and refilling a swimming pool / spa are popping up statewide.

But the experts at California Pools have discovered a solution that can help you and your swimming pool / spa continue to conserve water: Bio-Active.  Bio-Active is a product that reduces levels of Cyanuric Acid in your swimming pool water without draining and refilling.  Consider using this to keep your water healthy and fresh, we can work together to conserve water!

To learn more about conserving water, please continue to browse our website.  Much of our information comes from the California Pool & Spa Association who are hosting the Let's Pool Together campaign partnered with the Save Our Water campaign.  For more information, visit their websites, or call us at (800) 282-7665.  If you're interested in working with California Pools in your backyard living space, contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation!