Geometry in Swimming Pool and Spa Building


After nearly 65 years of excellence in swimming pool design and construction, we at California Pools know a thing or two about creativity in the backyard.  And whether you're looking for sleek, straight lines of contemporary style or wide open circular shapes, geometry is actually a great way to do it!  That's right - we design and construct some of our most gorgeous swimming pools and spas with calculative measurements.



let's review what you probably would think of when someone says geometric swimming pool: the straight, rectangular shapes that create a modern hardscape and swimming pool.

These swimming pools still take a great deal of creativity and attention detail to make your outdoor living space more than just a cookie-cutter pool and spa.  The designers within California Pools explore more unique ways to take geometric / straight swimming pools to the next, worth-talking-about level.  Construction of these swimming pools and spas also require extra care in order to provide the high quality California Pools represents.



we can look at what you might not consider a geometric swimming pool or spa when you hear the term.  These are backyard project designs with geometric circles and other shapes in mind.  Some of the more popular of these designs are the ones with grand sweeping lines and connect the home and backyard to the natural environment surrounding it.  But again, even geometry

doesn't restrict the experts at California Pools, and so we do our best to let our creativity shine through in every outdoor living project!  If you think you'd like to work with us on a geometric or freeform swimming pool project, we're ready to give you an excellent building experience along with a backyard of lifetime fun.  Call us at (800) 282-7665 for more information, or you're welcome to contact us anytime online to schedule a free in-home consultation with the California Pools office nearest you.