Elite 8

Elite 8 Design Trends of 2015

Since March Madness has made the nation basketball-crazy, we thought we'd put our own spin on the "Elite 8" of 2015.  Take a look at our Elite 8 Design Trends of 2015:

1. Fire & Ice

If you're looking for a modern way to keep warm outside in the evening, incorporating the fire & ice look is a great way to do it! Show off this cool contrast with your custom backyard fire pit.  The shine underneath the embers generate an elegant and sleek look that all your guests will love!

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3. Water Features

Water features have been a terrific asset to the swimming pool and spa for a long time.  They can help entertain guests at a dignified get-together.  But they can also help keep kids of any age engaged in swimming pool activities.  You can try incorporating custom designed fountains, waterfalls, and many others.

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5. Fire Pots

Fire pots are becoming more and more popular these days.  If you're not so interested in constructing a large fire pit in your backyard but you still want some fire features to add to the atmosphere, fire pots are for you!  You can still choose the pots and rocks unique enough to match your outdoor aesthetic.

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7. Waterfall Features

Waterfalls have been incorporated with swimming pools and spas for years, and they're still a great asset to your backyard space!  But now, California Pools offers updated, more modern, and custom designed waterfall features.  They give the same vacation-spot feel - just with a sleeker look.

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2. Infinity / Knife Edge

The straighter lines of modernism are taking the swimming pool building industry by storm.  Crisp lines give swimming pools and spas a clean look, and the knife edge, infinity edge, and rim flow each can give your swimming pool the illusionary effect that the water level is even with the ground.

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4. Outdoor Kitchen

Building a custom design kitchen outdoors is a fantastic way to enhance your family's and your guests' outdoor living experience.  It's one of the most convenient ways to truly utilize the swimming pool as much as you can.  Plus, incorporating stainless steel / chrome appliances and features can give your backyard living area its modern finishing touch.

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6. The "Spool"

A lot of families these are desperate to squeeze a swimming pool into a tight space, so we compromise by building something in between a swimming pool and a spa: a "spool."  You can get the best of both worlds by having hot tub-style jets but still plenty of room to swim and splash around with guests or kids.

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8. Color-changing Lights

With water features and LED color-changing lights, you could essentially create your very own "World of Color."  Lighting is a necessary feature for any outdoor living experience, so why not turn it into an entertaining feature as well?  When done right, this can be the front-runner of what we consider the Elite 8 of Swimming Pool Design Trends.

If you want to learn more about the custom design and construction services we offer at California Pools, contact us now for a free in-home consultation or just continue to browse our website.  Also, you can reach us at our toll-free line (800) 282-7665.