Designing a Swimming Pool with Safety in Mind

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When you think of swimming pools most people immediately think of crystal clear blue waters with kids playing and having fun with their favorite friends.  Some might picture their kids on the latest super cool inflatable pirate ship skimming across the surface with several other kiddos engaged in a serious battle with water guns.  Others see themselves reading the latest top-selling novel as they relax poolside in their favorite lounge chair.  Some prefer to indulge in their thoughts of swimming laps with the warm sun hitting their back.  And others just bask in the shimmery reflection of the bright sunlight dancing across the pool surface.  Whatever images come to mind, we at California Pools are here to discuss more than just cannonballs and pool parties.  Let’s turn the corner and talk about designing a backyard swimming pool that is designed with safety in mind.  All of the fun things that a swimming pool provides for a family are amazing, but we strongly encourage you to research your design before you build.  Our priority is to build not only breathtaking and stunning outdoor living spaces, but to do so in such a way that your family is safe.  

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While designing your backyard oasis, one of the major selections that homeowners make is their coping selection.  The coping is the immediate hardscaping material surrounding the body of water.  It is crucial to choose a selection with a non-slippery surface.  As often as we tell our little ones, “don’t run around the pool’, it inevitably happens over and over again. We recommend using concrete, travertine or any other surface that is safe and practical around a swimming pool.  Porcelain or saltillo tiles would be an example of what not to use as pool coping as they tend to be slippery when wet.  

Another key concept in designing a safe swimming pool is to position the pool in such a way that you have a clear vision of the water from within the house.  Keeping an eye on your pool is critical.  Whether it is being used or not, have a sightline to your backyard pool is extremely important.  While of course, the common safety practices of always swimming with a friend and having an adult present in the pool at all times when little ones are swimming will always remain a safety standard for swimming pools as well.    

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A third safety concept to keep in mind when designing your swimming pool is to build it with in the industry standards for diving if you plan on allowing your swimmers to dive.  Not all pools are built for diving, and each homeowner should clarify that with their guests before swimming.  It is never safe to dive into any body of water that is not specifically designed for diving.  

Our last safety tip that we want to discuss is pool fencing.  Depending on where you live, there are rules, requirements and codes for swimming pool fencing.  Please do your homework and research what the rules are in your area.  Your swimming pool builder should know exactly what the codes are, so ask your builder to discuss fencing.  They provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind knowing a protective barrier is in place to keep little ones out when you are not swimming.  

Having been in business since 1952, California Pools leads the industry with design, safety, and quality construction with each and every swimming pool we build.  Please call us for any questions regarding your swimming pool or one you might be building in your future.  We are here to help guide you in the right direction so your swimming in a safe and beautiful swimming pool.

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