Decorating The Backyard For A Halloween Party

Halloween Swimming Pool Party

Halloween is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! At California Pools, we love to celebrate this fun and frightful night in our own backyards of course. When you have a spectacular backyard oasis, you will want to use it as much as possible.  So, call your friends and family and your kids friends too and invite them over for an awesome Halloween party! There are so many fun things you can do in your backyard for Halloween. 

First of all, who doesn’t love a great reason to decorate? Put out some pumpkins and Halloween decorations and get your yard spooky. Add some witches, ghosts and goblins to create that eerie feeling that screams Halloween.  Put some headstones in your lawn, drape some orange and purple lights, and add a few fog machines too.  Top it off with some haunted music and you have just dressed up your yard to host the most talked about Halloween party in your neighborhood.  When you have an awesome California Pools swimming pool in your backyard, you can dress up your yard like no other! Add a scary skeleton to a floating raft and let him float during your party. Put some dry ice in your pool so it appears to be foggy and scary. Change the pool lights to a color that will creep out your friends. You can add some orange pumpkin pales with a glow stick inside to float in your pool too! If you have a waterslide, add some spooky spiders and cobwebs! In your fire-pit, add some scary Halloween skulls and really give your friends a fright! The ideas and options are endless. Look online, check on Pinterest, ask around and you will be surprised how many fun ideas and options there are for giving your California Pools backyard a creepy and unforgettable look for Halloween. 

Next, look in your cookbooks and on Pinterest for some creepy appetizers for your guests.  We suggest the graveyard taco dip, jalapeño mummies and the death by chocolate brownies! Tell your guests when they are thirsty to enjoy some witches brew punch brewing in the backyard.  It will definitely quench their thirst. Your friends will be blown away as they enjoy some delicious treats while sitting poolside watching their little heroes and princesses enjoying the best Halloween party ever! 

On your outdoor television screen, in your outdoor living area, put on a popular Halloween flick.  Nightmare before Christmas is always a big hit, as is Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice. Or let your friends watch The Adams family, Corpse Bride, or let the little ones watch, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Whatever movie you choose, your guests will love it!

Halloween party games are super fun in a California Pools backyard as well.  Have you ever tried a ring toss into your pool? What about bobbing for apples in your outdoor kitchen? Don’t forget to hold the ultimate costume contest for the craziest or cutest costume in the bunch! 

Halloween is one night of the year that both kids and adults can act silly, dress up, and get their spook on! With a California Pools backyard all dressed up for a party, you will surely be unforgettable.  The only warning we have to provide you with is that you will probably be asked, “When is next years party?” So be ready to host a traditional Halloween party in your California Pools backyard. Transforming your tropical backyard oasis into a frightful and spooky Halloween party will be an unforgettable experience and you will forever cherish those fun memories! 

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