Congratulations to our Wayne Steimle Award Recipient!

Every year, we as a company award our most impressive and valuable employees with various honors.  Whether for Design Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, or Sales Performance, California Pools thrives on recognizing the great achievements of our local offices.  These awards, and the ceremonies that celebrate their recipients, have been present throughout our history.  They help drive us as a team to run our business more efficiently while relying on the foundation Wayne Steimle himself built for California Pools back in 1952.

Hence, the Wayne Steimle Award is our most-coveted company award, earned only by those who demonstrate true loyalty to the Steimle legacy.  This April, we were eager to honor one of Wayne's own grandsons with this award - Quinton Steimle, General Manager of California Pools | Corona, CA.

Quinton's journey towards earning this award is most sincerely a comeback story.  After struggling through countless challenges in the year prior, he made every business decision in 2016 with our core values in mind.  It is his current dedication to customer satisfaction and overall commitment to the mission of California Pools that makes Quinton worthy of the Wayne Steimle Award!

If you would like to learn more about the history of California Pools, please continue to browse our website.  Those interested in working with Quinton (California Pools | Corona, CA) on their next swimming pool project can contact him via phone at (951) 283-3134 or via online submission.  Otherwise, you are welcome to call us anytime at (800) 282-7665 or contact the California Pools location nearest you and get started!

As a first-time recipient of the coveted Wayne Steimle Award, I am grateful for all of our raving fan customers in Corona, CA and the surrounding areas. Without them, this would not be possible. We work hard every day to not only have a happy customer but a raving fan from every family we work with. I am honored to have received this award!
— Quinton Steimle