Common Questions: Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

As we enter the summer season, it's extremely important to keep your swimming pool and spa well-maintained.  Maintenance is vital to keep your pool healthy and thus to keep your family healthy.  Improper maintenance can easily cause damage to the pool itself in addition to damaging your family's fun in the vacation spot that is your outdoor living area.  Here are two common questions on swimming pool maintenance and our answers (provided by the swimming pool and spa experts here at California Pools).

What do I need to do to maintain my swimming pool and/or spa?

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Ideally, you should check your swimming pool chemicals twice a week, such as pH and chlorine.  It's also extremely important to regularly brush and net your swimming pool and spa in order to keep your water clean and algae-free.  Good swimming pool maintenance even helps conserve water because the more often you brush and net the swimming pool and spa, the less often you'll need to drain or refill the swimming pool or spa!  Lastly, emptying the baskets on your pumps and skimmers is a necessary task to keep in mind as you maintain your swimming pool and spa.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

What is the most common mistake in swimming pool maintenance?

While chlorine is a really useful chemical for swimming pool / spa maintenance, many homeowners apply excessive amounts of chlorine to their swimming pool.  Although one might think high doses of chlorine will help remove or prevent algae in the water, the high concentration of chemicals easily damages the plaster of the swimming pool and spa.  Try to keep your chemicals in the acceptable levels explained to you by a swimming pool maintenance professional.

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