California Pools Helps Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad | California Pools

Have you heard about Operation Underground Railroad? Take a couple minutes out of your day and read about this wonderful organization, O.U.R Rescue, which is saving many children every year around the world.  Log onto their website if you haven’t already. It is a humbling and devastating reminder that there are so many children that need our help. O.U.R. Rescue was founded in December 2013 in an effort to help bring child slavery and sex trafficking to an end.  So far, they have rescued over 730 victims and assisted in the arrests of over 365 sex traffickers around the world. O.U.R. Rescue has developed teams, which consist of former CIA, Navy Seals, and Special Ops operatives that with the help of law enforcement lead in the efforts to safely rescue victims.  According to their website, “Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins.”

O.U.R. Rescue | California Pools donates and helps.

            California Pools is doing our part to help O.U.R. Rescue. It is an overwhelming fact that these children need our help and we are honored to do what we can to make a positive impact in these children’s lives.  For every single swimming pool we build, California Pools donates to O.U.R. Rescue.  We want to be involved with fighting child exploitation around the world so that all our children can live with the freedom and peace they deserve. We must stand up and help! You too can be a part of this innovative operation by donating to the O.U.R. Rescue foundation.  You can also volunteer to help, host an event, attend an event or shop their web store. We are passionate in our efforts and support of O.U.R. Rescue, which is why we proudly donate a portion of the proceeds of each swimming pool we build.  While building luxury items, it only seems right to help those children less fortunate and suffering from this awful form of child abuse.

            Click the link below to view the movie trailer for The Abolitionists. It is a story about all of the lost children who are being sexually exploited and how Operation Underground Railroad is making an impact in rescuing these children. We are positive your heart will be touched and you will be highly motivated to get involved in helping these precious children.  Please do what you can; these children do not deserve this horrific treatment by perpetrators all over the world.