California Pools Cares About Everyone Having a Safe and Happy Fourth of July

Swimming Pool Safety - California Pools

The Fourth of July Holiday is an exciting time to get out and enjoy your pool. Perhaps you had a new one installed this year by California Pools or maybe you are thinking of a remodel? But nothing makes a holiday more fun than enjoying a safe afternoon, so California Pools wants to remind everyone that preparation is the key to creating a safe atmosphere for both your family and guests. Maybe you’re having a backyard BBQ or maybe gathering friends for a swim and to watch nearby fireworks, but before you begin your party preparations, take the pledge to create a safe atmosphere in and around the water to stop the preventable tragedy of drowning.

Swimming Pool Safety - California Pools

Check out the resources of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety commission online at for more information and follow these 4 simple steps:

If you have concerns about fencing, drains, drain covers, gate latches, alarms or proper cover, call California Pools today to schedule maintenance or an estimate for upgrading your services.  California Pools wishes everyone a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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