Buying a House with a Swimming Pool?  Here are Top Things to Look for.

Knoxville Swimming Pool Company

Are you in the market for a new home? Have you been house hunting and searching for the perfect place to call home? This is a wonderful time of year to start planning for the future.  It’s a new year with a fresh start.  So, now that the hunt has begun, will you be purchasing a home with a swimming pool? Or will you build your own?  Many homes today already have an in-ground swimming pool and spa in their backyard.  For those of you wondering if you should buy a home with an existing swimming pool, we have come up with the top things to look for.  California Pools wants to make sure that all swimming pool owners are happy and have a positive experience with their outdoor living space.  

We have been building gorgeous backyards since 1952, with almost 80,000 swimming pools built.  It’s safe to say; we know what to look for! Whether or not your pool is a California Pools swimming pool or not, we still want you to be aware of what to look for if the home you want to purchase has a swimming pool.  

1) To begin with, the top question to ask the realtor is, “who built the swimming pool?” Once you have that information, research the company well! Look up their website, read their customer reviews, blogs, Yelp reviews, anything at all to tell you the quality of the company that built the swimming pool.  Determine their history and knowledge of construction and level of customer support.  

2) The second important thing to do is contact the swimming pool builder to discuss what type of warranty exists on the pool.  How many years are going to still be covered, if any at all? Do your homework and understand what you are responsible for with the existing swimming pool. 

3) Has a pool service company done a thorough evaluation of the structure of the swimming pool as well as the equipment? If you have never owned a pool, there is some basic maintenance involved with owning and caring for the pool.  They are pretty simple but require approximately one hour a week to keep your pool clean and healthy for swimming.  So, be aware of what commitment you are signing up for.

4) The last thing to be aware of is get ready for some fun! When buying a home with a swimming pool, you are most definitely going to be asked by friends and family to host a lot of fun and memorial times!  Having an outdoor living space to entertain in is the greatest part of owning a swimming pool.  The entertainment value is so great as you host birthday parties, holiday events, BBQ’s, and other special gatherings.  So buyers be aware, fun is just steps out your back door!  

Good luck with the purchase of your new home.  If it has an existing swimming pool, then follow these steps and you should be happily swimming in no time.  If your new home does not have a beautiful backyard oasis or even needs a remodel, go ahead and give us a call! We would love to help you create the most gorgeous backyard on the block!  

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