5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Swimming Pool

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your swimming pool or backyard living area before the summer's over, try one of these ideas:

1.  Fire Features

Adding some fire contrast to your water-centric swimming pool can be a great way to give your outdoor living area a little more life.  You can even throw in some diamond style or rainbow-colored rocks to make a whole display of your fire pots or custom fire pit.

2.  Add Sports

For daytime play, try adding a volleyball net or basketball hoop to the swimming pool or nearby.  This is a great way to keep party guests entertained or to spend quality family time in your stunning custom swimming pool / spa.

3.  Light Show

Color-changing lights are a great way to mix up the backyard party.  Plus, this is an easy addition to make to your swimming pool or spa even years after your custom project is completed.  For some extra excitement, you can even use non-toxic dies to change the color of your pool water - great for a themed party!

4.  Keep it Fresh

If you're outdoor living space was originally constructed a few years ago - maybe even 10 years ago - then fresh landscaping is a great way to really spruce up the whole backyard.  With a few added plants, potted or otherwise, your swimming pool will look as lush as the day you filled it.

5.  Home Improvement

Whether it's a few lawn chairs, a patio table set, or entire custom outdoor kitchen, new furnishings are a great way to keep your outdoor space looking fresh.  Not only does it freshen up the outdoors, but it helps your family feel like the swimming pool is an extension of the home itself - which is how it should be.

So next time you're thinking of sprucing up your backyard swimming pool or outdoor living space, consider some of these options.  If you think you'd like to work with California Pools for your next backyard project, you can reach us at (800) 282-7665 or contact us anytime online to schedule a free in-home consultation!  You can also feel free to browse our website to learn more about the California Pools story and other cool swimming pool facts!