5 Things You WISH Your Swimming Pool Was Filled With

Do you ever wish your swimming pool or spa was filled with something other than water?  Not just because of the California Drought Crisis, but even because you just want SO MUCH of that ONE THING...Well, we've put some thought into it over at California Pools and this is our top 5!

    You could have an entire swimming pool of chocolate fondue experience.  Dipping cheeses and fruits in it all day sounds like a terrific summer to me!
    This would be a great way to enjoy some refreshment during a hot summer.  Plus, if you share it with all your friends, you'll be everybody's favorite party host.
    Picture this: a stunning freeform swimming pool with pebble lining the walls.  Filling such a gorgeous extension of your home are thousand of hot buffalo chicken wings, steaming and ready to dip into the ranch dressing that fills the hot tub.  Mmmmm...I like that picture.
  4. JELL-O
    This fun summer snack is something for friends and family to enjoy at any hour of the day!  The kids can eat it, draw with it, sculpt it, and maybe even start a JELL-O fight!
    While you may not want anyone but the professionals skating around in your swimming pool, it would make for a pretty entertaining backyard living space.

So, what do YOU dream of filling your swimming pool with?  What do your kids dream of?  Ice cream? Ketchup?  Share your thoughts in the Comments!

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