3 Tips for Playing Marco Polo

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As a spin-off from the tag-based game "Blind Man's Bluff," Marco Polo is a great way for kids to actively chase each other.  But, it allows the kids to stay cool in your backyard swimming pool while they do it!  Here are three short tips to help make Marco Polo a fun, safe experience the next time you use it at pool party:

Swimming Pool Contractor

1.  More Players =
    More Fun

Make sure there are several kids willing to participate in the game.  When there are only a few players, it gets boring much more quickly.  But with 7 or more players, it allows the suspense to stay higher for longer.  The role of "it" in the swimming pool can be passed around the group more easily.

2.  Use a Blindfold

Sometimes, kids are just too young to stay focused on keeping their eyes closed the whole time when they're "it," in which case the blindfold helps.  But without a blindfold, some older kids cheat intentionally.  Using a blindfold, tinted goggles, or something to cover their eyes helps prevent any cheating accusations.

3.  Add a Theme

Swimming Pool Contractor

To liven up the game and make it more interesting, it can be a good idea to incorporate a theme with characters or roles.  For instance, the kid who's "it" in the swimming pool and saying "Marco" can be labeled a shark, while the rest of the players are fish or mermaids.  If your pool party already has a theme (i.e., a pirate theme), you can work that into the game.  Whoever's "it" can act as Captain Hook, while the other kids are Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

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