2017 World Series | Dodgers vs Astros | Game 7

World Series 2017 | Dodgers vs Astros

For all of you baseball fans out there tonight is definitely going to be one un-forgettable night in baseball.  The World Series has taken two amazing and super talented teams head to head in the final game of 7 to determine the champions. This World Series has been super exciting for fans all over and brought the most home runs in the history of World Series!  LA Dodger fans will be cheering in blue as their hometown team plays on their home field in a nail biter of a game! This could possibly be their first championship since 1988.  While the Houston Astros will be bringing their game face as well.  According to Inverse innovation, “There have been pitchers’ duels, absurd comebacks, extra innings, self-destructing bullpens, and just dinger after dinger after dinger.” Who ever you are rooting for, we are pretty positive families all over the world will be glued to their television sets tonight. 

Los Angeles Dodgers

One of the best things in life happens in special moments like this! Die hard fans anxiously waiting to watch their favorite team battle it out for the championship is one of life’s most awesome moments.  When you can invite your buddies over to your home and go out back to your outdoor living area and put the game on your TV, it’s a pretty remarkable day! Outdoor living provides an environment to hang out, watch a moment in history play out on your outdoor television set, grill up some food, serve some drinks and be a part of a very special night with some of your favorite family and friends!

Houston Astros

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