2016 New Year's Resolutions

above photo courtesy of California Pools | Los Angeles 2015.

Thinking of your 2016 New Year's Resolution?
California Pools has some suggestions!

P E R F E C T   T H E   C A N N O N B A L L .  This year, the water is calling.  Now is the time for you to perfect your cannonballing technique!  Whether you're in your own swimming pool, a neighbor's, a friend's, or even a public pool, 2016 is the year for you to achieve maximum splash with minimum skin-slap.


S W I M   M O R E   L A P S .  Trying to stick to a new workout regiment with the new year is easy.  Unfortunately, failing to stick with that new workout routine is even easier.  Make 2016 your year with the swimming pool and try swimming laps regularly for exercise!  It's fun and keeps you in shape easily!

T A K E   M O R E   V A C A T I O N S .  2016 should be the year for giving yourself more treats!  So this year, California Pools wants to make sure you to take enough time to take of care of - well - you.  With your custom swimming pool providing a lush, soothing environment, there's no need to seek some expensive destination to get away for a while.  Let us transport you to your dream vacation just a few steps from home.

C O N Q U E R   A   T R I A T H L O N .  With more relaxation time and a workout routine you can really stick to and enjoy, give yourself a real challenge this year!  We at California Pools dare you to compete in a triathlon.  In fact, we don't just want you to compete, we dare you to conquer it!  Give it all you've got, and let us know the results once you knock this resolution out of the park!

G I V E   U P   B E L L Y   F L O P S .  I know what you're thinking...I'm not addicted to belly flops.  Belly flops never really become an addiction per se, but we're not foreign to the obsessive guilty pleasure it becomes, the more you spend time in the swimming pool.  Plus, they're just so darn tempting when you're practicing your cannonballs!  But try to make 2016 belly flop-free.  Do it for us.

Finally, we always hope that this year is the year you choose California Pools as your trusted swimming pool contractor for whatever your next backyard project may be!  With over 65 years under our built as a company, we're eager to help bring your dream swimming pool and spa come to life.  You can reach us at (800) 282-7665 or contact us anytime online to schedule a free in-home consultation with the California Pools representative nearest you!