California Pools #4 Top Builder in the Nation


Pool & Spa News has announced the 2010 Top 50 Builders list, and we are pleased to announce that California Pools is #4! Inside this edition, you’ll see where CA Pools CEO Ryder Steimle was asked: “What would you do, if you were President of the United States?” This is his reply: We have too many politicians and no leaders. My definition of a presidential leader is someone who has a crystal-clear vision for the future of our country and is willing to set aside his own agendas and the agendas of his party, and inspire our citizens and government to move toward that goal. The inspiration and motivation will come as the President sets the example and empowers the nation to make it happen.

Being a 60-year-old company, we’ve seen hard times more than once. This history and experience has taught us how to make the right decisions in order to stay at the top, even during these challenging times. We are very grateful for that.