What Type of Cleaner is Right for You?

Did you know that there are many kinds of pool cleaners on the market? Cleaners fall into three main categories: Suction-side, Pressure-side and Robotic. Suction-Side Cleaners: These automatic pool cleaners use the pool’s suction to vacuum the pool’s surface. They can hook into the suction system via the skimmer or a designated suction fitting on the pool wall.

Pressure-Side Cleaners: This cleaner is attached to the pressure side of the pool’s circulation system. The water that is pumped back into the pool propels these cleaners, which have their own hydraulic power plant inside.

Robotic Cleaners: These cleaners move around the pool via a pre-programmed pattern you enter or by sensing the size and shape of the pool. An internal microchip performs the movements.

Poolcenter.com offers this great side-by-side comparison of all the cleaners on the market that will help you decide which one falls into your price point and fits your cleaning needs: http://www.poolcenter.com/cleaners_poolstor.htm.