Weekly Landscaping Tips

Spring is in the air and pool season just around the corner. There’s a lot to get done before it’s time to peel back the pool covering, and not all of it requires a professional. Get the surrounding landscape ready in no time with these tips from Farmside Landscaping and Design (www.farmside.com) so everything is ready when pool season kicks off in a few weeks. Outdoor Lighting: Reset automatic timers to coincide with Daylight Saving Time (Do the lights really need to come on so early now?). Check all the fixtures for bulb replacement and any damage that may have occurred during the winter.

Planted Beds: Weed, weed, weed (It’s time to get them photo ready!). Apply weed control as needed to fight against any potential new outgrowths. After the last frost (usually mid-May), you can begin planting, so start thinking about what annuals and perennials you may want to add to this year’s décor.

Patios: Take a walk around outside and look for any cracks, chipping or uneven surfaces that may have happened throughout winter and fix anything that poses a safety hazard (uneven surfaces may make it easier for kids to trip).

Trees and Shrubs: If you have any large greenery in the backyard, now’s the time to trim and shape, clear out dead or damaged limbs/branches and fertilize.

Once everything is cleaned and shaped up, and the frost is gone, lay some mulch for that extra touch and coloring. The backyard is sure to be in tip top shape in no time — perfect for the first swim of the season!