Poolside Fishing

Reel the kids in with this creative spin on poolside fishing from www.toddlerstoday.com. MATERIALS

1 stick (3-feet long) twine/string craft foam in several different colors google eyes magnets paper clips hot glue scissors 2 hula hoops


Tie a piece of string or twine about 2-feet long around one end of the stick. Depending on the type of magnet you have, it can be attached in different ways. Some can be tied to the string, or you can hot glue the magnet to a piece of craft foam and then attach the foam to the string.

Next, take the foam and trace around different fish shapes. If your child is old enough, allow him to cut out the fish shapes. They will want each fish to be about 8-inches long.

Next, an adult should hot glue a wiggle eye to each fish. Then, hot glue a paperclip on the same side of the fish (the clip can be bent to resemble a fish fin or attached to the mouth to look like a fish hook). Allow it to dry for a few minutes.

Not it’s time to head to the pool! Set each hula hoop in the water. Place the fish wiggle eye side up inside the hula hoops, and allow your child to fish for them by placing the magnet on the paperclip. The hula hoops help prevent the fish from floating all over the pool. This also could be played inside on the floor for younger children or on rainy days.