Happy Easter, Find Those Eggs!

Easter egg hunts abound in tradition. Hide the eggs with candy or coins, yell “Ready, set, go!” and watch the kids have fun hunting until the last egg is found. So how do you incorporate all aspects of the backyard into this year’s hunt and put a new spin on an old tradition? It’s time to get creative! Decide if you’re using dyed hard boiled eggs you’ve already decorated with the kids or filling up the plastic ones with little candies, coins or perhaps a dollar bill or two.

Put letters on the eggs to spell out words. It’s always appropriate to turn a fun game into a learning session. Spell out words related to Easter on the eggs and provide prizes when whole words are completed.

Fill the plastic eggs with “Kid Coupons” good for things like: an extra hour of playtime, staying up later, free afternoon of chores, etc. Get creative and have fun!

Pick a color and stick to it. Assign each child a specific color egg and only they can find and keep that egg. That way everyone wins!

The options are endless for a family egg hunt. There’s nothing that says there’s only one way to have one, so think of things that your family enjoys and tie in an egg hunt themed around those hobbies. It’s sure to be a good time for everyone.

Remember: SAFETY FIRST! Don’t hide eggs near the pool unless an adult will be there to supervise. And tell the kids that there aren’t any eggs in that direction so they know the boundaries.