Posted 08.June, 2015

Thank you to all the Managers who came our to La Quinta, CA last week!  Each day was full of positive energy, education, and collaboration.  Here's a recap:

Wednesday, 13.May 2015 AM

We kicked off our first conference of 2015 with an engaging discussion on the following company topics:

On-Boarding & Off-Boarding | After welcoming Amanda back to our CP family with open arms, she reminded us how vital it is to keep corporate informed of any new hires and any terminated CP employees.
Client Complaint Corporate Policy | She also overviewed the current procedure for dealing with any unhappy customers of encouraging as much communication as possible to happen between customer and manager.
California Drought | Ryder discussed the milestones the CPSA has been making in an effort to keep the swimming pool industry above water during cities' symbolic hits against builders and the steps we can still take to counter the drought.
Red Folder | Steve reviewed the performance reports for the last month all contained in offices' respective red binders.
Why Branding & Blogging Matter | Danielle overviewed the importance of brand alignment within CP and ways to improve this in the office.  She also discussed the importance of branding and blogging today for CP.
Tips for Lead Generation Oscar presented various ways to generate leads in your area, such as checking in on Yelp! and target marketing on FaceBook.
Growth & Commitment | Lastly, Doug Steimle returned to us for an inspirational discussion on how to grow as a team and family and why it is important to build people.

Wednesday, 13.May 2015 PM - Thursday, 14.May 2015 AM

PoolCorp kicked off our vendor fair Wednesday afternoon with representatives from Belgrade Old Castle Pavers, Mirage, Bull BBQ, Lunada Bay Tile, Miracote Products, Blake Sales, Aquron Water Proofing, Bosch Tools & Accessories, Stone Paving, and more.  With 20-minute one-on-one sessions at each vendor station, manager were educated on various products and resources.  These vendors showed great support with their efforts and willingness to be a part of the company's vision in our industry.  Be sure to reach out to any of the vendors and let them know of your appreciation!

Thursday, 14.May 2015 PM - Friday, 15.May 2015 AM

Zodiac, Inc. then hosted classroom-style education and training for the next two sessions of the conference.  We were lucky to have them educate us on various topics, including hydraulics, remote control, lighting, and pool covers.

Friday, 15.May 2015 PM

On Friday, we spent the afternoon with Jim Bellamy and his team.  As most of you have noticed, Jim and his team are absolutely dominating the sales reports of late.  We decided to put Jim in the hot seat and fire off a series of questions so he could share his secret recipe for success with the rest of us.  You can find the questions we asked and a summary of what he answered in your May 2015 issue of The Concern.  If you weren't able to attend the even, I would invite you to give Jim a call as I am certain he would be happy to discuss his confident decision of opening up a Design Center and the success that it has brought to him and his team.  Thank you to Jim and his entire team for not only sharing their secret of success, but also for putting on a killer barbecue event that would have turned any vegetarian into a carnivore!

Posted 08.April, 2015

The California Pools Spring Rally Managers Conference is coming up quickly. We would like to start providing you with some of the details for this event so you can begin making your plans to attend.

This year, we have broken away from the traditional Manager's Meetings format of four single-day meetings over the course of the year. We have moved to 2 conference-style events (one in the spring & one in the fall) that include meetings, education, training, vendor participation, food, and fun! This year's spring event will be held in the sunny Palm Springs region at the beautiful La Quinta Resort & Club, in La Quinta, CA.

The Spring Rally Manager's Conference will run from Wednesday May 13th through Friday May 15th, with a dinner event on Friday evening and a golf event on the following Saturday morning for those who want to stay and play. This conference is an opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of information, education, training and camaraderie that you will not get anywhere else! This is exclusively for California Pools Managers, and it is strongly recommended that you attend. You will not be disappointed!

Our day will begin promptly at 9am on Wednesday May 13th. Our days will be power-packed full of information, and we will be running with a format that will keep things interesting and to the point. Each day will end at 4pm, at which point you are free to play at the resort pools (41 of them on property!), indulge at the day spa with your spouse and then escape for an evening dinner on the property, or out on the town in the beautiful Palm Springs surrounding area. Each day we will be serving a lunch on the resort property, and a special BBQ luncheon event on Friday! 

The cool thing about my job is that I have learned how to read minds, so to save some time,  


  • WHAT IS THIS EVENT ALL ABOUT? It is a Manager's Meeting that is taken to the next level. It will be about growth and development of you and your operations. It's about training and education. It's about the benefits of being a part of the California Pools Team. It's about participation, fun and camaraderie. It's about you!
  • WHO IS ATTENDING? You as a California Pools Manager. You are welcome to bring spouses to enjoy the resort and the Palm Springs area, and reconnect with you after each day's conference events are wrapped-up.
  • DO I HAVE TO BRING MY SPOUSE? It's your call. Many people will and many people won't. 
  • WHO ELSE WILL BE THERE? This event is being supported by California Pools Corporate, PoolCorp, Zodiac Pool Systems, and a list of independent vendors, all of which will be there exclusively for you. 
  • WHERE IS THE CONFERENCE BEING HELD? At the La Quinta Resort & Club which is located at 49499 Eisenhower Drive, La Quinta, CA 92253 (PHONE:760-564-4111) --> SEE MAP HERE
  • WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Shorts or pants and California Pools Logo polo's for the meetings (relatively casual but also professional, aka no cut-off shorts and tees, but were cool with flip-flops). Outside of the events, whatever suits your fancy! Also, bring business cards, a note pad, and a clear mind ready to be filled with information.
  • WHEN DO I NEED TO BE THERE? The conference begins at 9am on Wednesday May 13th, please be present and ready by this time. We will guide you through the rest of the days while there.
  • HOW LONG DO I NEED TO STAY? At a minimum, for the conference events starting on Wednesday morning and ending on Friday afternoon, though we encourage you (and your spouse) to stay for the Friday evening dinner and Saturday golf event! If you're not a golfer, simply enjoy some leisure time at the resort pools or day spa.
  • HOW MUCH WILL THIS EVENT COST ME? $200 (Can be job charged or paid with CP points)
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? Included is your Deluxe Casita for 2 nights (Wednesday & Thursday night), multiple meetings, training and education sessions (including materials), vendor fair events, breakfast and lunch on all three days, including the BBQ luncheon on Friday, and dinner event with spouses on Friday night at 6pm. 
  • WHAT AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR? Dinner on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, extracurricular activities (IE: day spa, golf, etc..), Hotel fees if staying Friday Night or beyond.
  • CAN I BRING MY SALESPERSON? No, this is an exclusive meeting and event for managers only.
  • I HAVE A TOOTH BEING PULLED THAT DAY, CAN I MISS THE EVENT? No, we are a team and you signed up to be on the team. There are not many events we ask you to attend throughout the year. This event is of the utmost importance on a lot of levels. Bring yourself and your bad tooth and I'll bring a set of pliers and save you the money you'd pay your dentist! 
  • HOW WILL I GET MY WORK DONE WHILE I'M AWAY? There are a lot of answers to this question. 1.You should have staff working for you by now that can offset the load, we are busy again and you shouldn't bear the burden of your entire operation, it's simply not productive. 2.You can answer calls and emails between meetings and events, there will be plenty of time for this. 3.You can schedule major project events for before you leave or for after you return (IE: Deck Pours, Plasters, Shotcretes, etc...). 
  • WHERE DO I SIGN UP? Kristen Vevia will be reaching out to you very soon to discuss further details and to get you registered for the event.

We are very excited to be holding an event of this magnitude for you all and are really looking forward to seeing everyone there! Please do not hesitate to reach out to either Kristen, or myself with any questions you may have.