Spencer started with California Pools in 2007. He works in the Sales & Design department of our California Pools Los Angeles Office. We sat down with Spencer to learn more about him and this is what he shared with us. 

Q: Why do you love being a part of the California Pools Family or why have you joined our Team? 

A: The fun nature of California Pools, and the fact that we build something awesome for families to enjoy.

Q: How do you enjoy spending your downtime? 

A: Hanging out with my family, and a good round of golf.

Q: What is your Favorite [Sport/Hobby] 

A: Golf.

Q: What is your Favorite [Movie/Actor/Musician] 

A: Favorite movie, Rounders. Favorite actor, Matt Damon. Favorite musician, Jack Johnson.

Q: What is you favorite karaoke song?:

Q: If you could be any Super Hero, who would you be?: Superman...sans the tights! Not even Superman can make that outfit look cool.

Q: What countries outside of the US have you visited?: Canada

Q: If you could be anywhere in the World, where would you be?: Other than Cali, it would have to be Hawaii.

Q: Describe your Favorite California Pool Project?: One we did with an island, and a lazy river. Pretty cool!

Q: What is your Favorite pool design?: Tropical, freeform, with some rock waterfalls.

Q: Tell us something we would not know or guess about you?: Love zombie movies. Even the really lame, cheesy ones, that look like they have been filmed with a cell phone.