Water and Hot Tub Therapeutic Benefits


The therapeutic benefits of water and hot tubs have been well documented for hundreds of years.  With today's technology and designs the benefits to your health are incredible.

Hydrotherapy consists of three elements - buoyancy, heat and massage. Your body is only about one tenth of its weight in water, therefore muscles and ligaments can relax because they are not supporting your normal weight. The heat and massage effect stimulate blood circulation which brings increased oxygen and nutrients to soothe tired, aching muscles.

The jets in a spa or hot tub are designed in different positions in each seat, this is to provide a more complete all round therapy as the user moves from seat to seat.

All spas or hot tubs require maintenance and upkeep of their water in order for it to remain safe to use. You should test the spa water at least once per week if the spa is used for approximately one hour per day, rising to two to three times per week during heavier use periods. You are checking to see that the water has enough chlorine or bromine in it to control bacteria, and that the PH levels are within the recommended scale to allow the chlorine or bromine to work efficiently.

Many spas nowadays have an automatic dosing system called a 'Spafrog' which is a cylindrical unit, placed into the spa and automatically releases the correct amount of minerals and chlorine or bromine into the spa water. This takes much of the worry and complexity out of caring for the water, all you need to do is replace the 'Spafrog' cartridge when necessary and let it do the rest.

It is useful to familiarize yourself with the manual which comes with your hot tub before you use it, just to make sure you are aware of any safety aspects that may need to be taken into consideration.

Most spas or hot tubs though, are easy to maintain once you become accustomed to the routine checks and precautions.

Spas or hot tubs can personalized, from initially choosing a favourite colour or finish, they can then be enhanced with aromatherapy systems, allowing you to infuse scents into your spa, music systems and spa lights help create the perfect setting for unwinding.

The water temperature is adjustable thereby allowing a spa to be used and enjoyed all year round, by the whole family.