Mobile Om at Hays Bridge in San Antonio, TX

At California Pools, we value me-time.  But sometimes it's hard to make time to take care of yourself.  But in San Antonio, TX, there's a way to give you and your body a little something special at the Hays Street Bridge: "Mobile Om."

Mobile Om is an outdoor yoga experience worth visiting - and maybe even worth following!  According to blogger 20 Something SA, Mobile Om's founder Cassandra Fauss had the inspiration to bring yoga to the people rather than persuade people to come to yoga.

Even if yoga isn't your preferred form of me-time Mobile Om terrifically demonstrates how important it is to take time for yourself - to take a few moments here and there to slow down and really enjoy what's around you.  Maybe you can even do this in your own backyard!

With a swimming pool from California Pools, you can take advantage of the relaxing paradise just right outside your home.  Have some me-time after work with an evening rest in the hot tub.  Or spend a few days a week swimming laps in your swimming pool to build up your cardio and get a great workout.  Or if Mobile Om inspires you, you can even bring yoga to your own backyard and practice poolside.

We at California Pools want to challenge you to bring something healthy and inspiring to yourself, rather than chasing after it.  Whether it's a yoga session or a good swim, whether it's the Hays Street Bridge or your own custom backyard living space, take care of yourself!

If you think California Pools can help to bring a little more me-time into your life, give us a call at (800) 282-7665.  You can also contact us anytime online, and we'd love to have a free in-home consultation with you soon.  Take care of yourself, San Antonio!