Q: Why do you love being a part of the California Pools Family or why have you joined our Team?

A: It has been an amazing company to work for full of fun people!

Q: What is the [Weirdest/Wildest} moment you have experienced while working with California Pools? 

A: I built a pool many years ago for a guy in Pasadena who is now in jail for being the driver of the get away car in a murder for hire plot! The pool that we built was x-rayed to make sure there were no human remains buried under it! Thank goodness we passed!

Q: How do you enjoy spending your downtime? 

A: Love to snow ski, and anything on the water, especially sailing.

Q: What is your Favorite [Sport/Hobby]? 

A: Sailing and Snow Skiing

Q: What countries outside of the US have you visited?

A: Served an LDS mission to Australia for two years, have visited Costa Rica, Mexico, British Virgin Islands

Q: If you could be anywhere in the World, where would you be? 

A: Anywhere with a beach!

Q: Describe your Favorite California Pool Project?

A: Too many to list! I like the jobs where I can be more creative, but my favorite jobs are those that the customers are really excited about. I love their enthusiasm and seeing the kids excited.

Q: What is your Favorite pool design? 

A: That depends on the yard. Every yard is different, and I like a design that fits with the house and the yard. The elements in the designs that really make a pool spectacular depend on the materials used.