Rick, along with his family, lives in Los Angeles County and is the General Manager of the California Pools West Covina office. He has been with California Pools for the last six months. We sat down with Rick and asked him a few questions so that others can get to know a little bit more about Rick and why we find him such a great member of the California Pools family!

Q: Why Do You Love Being A Part of the California Pools Family?

A: I really love the structure and the family business atmosphere! California Pools strives for Excellence.

Q: What is the weirdest moment you've ever experienced at work?

A: The first time I saw the shotcrete phase of pool building.

Q: What is your Favorite Sport or Hobby?

A: AMA Motocross and American Football!

Q: If I could be any animal in the world, I would be a:

A: I think I would probably be a Tiger.

Q: How Do You Enjoy Spending Your Downtime?

A: I enjoy being hanging out with my kids.

Q: What is your favorite pool Design?

A: I tend to like Tropical Pool backyards the most, however I enjoy designing a project that my Customer's want!

We are thrilled to have had Rick join our California Pools family. It's people like him that gives our company the heart and soul that it has. When you meet Rick, you will see why he is one of the shinning stars of California Pools!

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