California Pools has once again earned a position in the upper echelon of the nation's Top 50 Builders!  Many factors are considered when Pool & Spa News selects the Top 50 Builders from the thousands of companies across the United States.  Some factors include Customer Satisfaction, Industry Involvement, Community Involvement, Staff Loyalty, Digital Presence, and Revenue.  Many thanks go to our entire team for making this happen again!  Check out the article to the right to learn more about the 2016 roster.

California Pools is proud to have earned a place within the Top 50 Builders out of all builders throughout the nation. We owe a special, huge thank you to our incredible team. The people that make up our entire company, otherwise known as the California Pools family, are the ones that have the industry passion and spectacular talent that enabled us to achieve this top spot! As exciting as this is, it doesn’t mean that we will stop improving. We will use this energy to grow to become even better and improve upon all the things that have helped get us to this point. We are ready to take our company to the next level.
— Steve Terry | President of California Pools, Inc.

What is a Top 50 Builder?

Pool & Spa News editor-in-chief Joanne McClain believes, "it's a company that is: financially successful, responsive to customers, involved in the community, ethical, committed to quality, focused on education/training, supportive of the industry, and fair to employees."  In a movement to celebrate not only the highest achievers in the industry but also the most trustworthy businesses, Pool & Spa News honors 50 swimming pool builders each year in their Top 50 Builders list.  To be considered, we and companies like us have to submit information for the following criteria:

  1. R E V E N U E :  Total residential construction revenue (including income generated from New Construction and Renovation projects) have the most impact on builders' total scores.
  2. C O M P A N Y   P R E S T I G E :  Companies who have been in business for decades demonstrate sustainability, and usually coincides with high-achieving contractors.
  3. D I G I T A L   P R E S E N C E :  Forward-looking firms continue to seek out new digital platforms to enhance their brand.  This score reflected the design, usability, and educational value of company websites, as well as the depth of each firm's social media engagement.
  4. I N T E R N A L   D E D I C A T I O N :  A company is only as strong as its staff.  This score took into consideration average employee tenure, and the amount and types of training and education staff members receive each year.
  5. I N D U S T R Y   I N V O L V E M E N T :  Companies that work together are more effective and help strengthen the industry overall.  Thus, firms that network and collaborate through associations, buyers groups, and other organizations industry-related were rewarded.
  6. C O M M U N I T Y   E N G A G E M E N T :  Good citizenship is also good business.  A small but important percentage of each builder's total score was based on participation in community and causes/charities.