Below are some great tools to guide your correspondence with a Prospect.  Utilize these for letters, e-mails, or even for phone conversations to remind yourself of key topics to go over with your prospective California Pools business owner.


Care Package

Step 1: Request

A Care Package is a great way to showcase the California Pools brand and support to a prospective dealer.  Select anything from T-shirts to branded Beachballs to our latest Postcards to include in the box.  Click the link below to request a Care Package now!

Step 2: Letter

Now that you have requested a Care Package for your Prospect, download the letter template below.  This is a Word document that is completely editable, so be sure to read through and make any changes you desire.  Also, make sure it includes the Prospect's First Name in the greeting, your information in the salutation, and any other specific information (i.e., date).